The Stay at Home Mom VS The Working Dad

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

So as a SAHM I often get questions by other moms about being home with my children the most common questions are how is it being with them all day and not lose your stuff, do you get help, and this is the big one doesn’t it feel like being a married single mother. Being a SAHM is not easy at all especially if you have more than one child and if your like me and you homeschool your children the odds of you having a moment without them is no where near.

So let’s be real being a SAHM has a dark side that not many women like to discuss and depending on what kind of husband you have some women can really end up hate being at home and others really end up enjoying it. Being at home can make a woman start to feel lonely which then can start to manifest bitterness and anger which can ruin relationships.

So the idea of a SAHM is to be home with her children obviously she is to take care of there every need from the moment they awake to when they go to sleep, she is to cook every meal of the day, she has to keep her home clean, keep her children busy from sun up to sun down, she has to educate her children, she shouldn’t lose her cool and she is without a doubt expected to be there for her husband physically and emotionally. Now that sounds like a lot for one person doesn’t it?

A lot of women enjoy being at home with their children myself included I could not imagine someone else raising my children other than me I get to pour so much into my children in love that no child care provider or teacher could do, I get to instill so many morals and values into them without the distraction of there peers or outside influences but my enjoyment and love with being at home doesn’t mean that I don’t get tired or feel like I’m alone. Being at home with your children doesn’t give you sick time, vacation, personal days or a check we get paid with a bunch of mom I love you and hugs and kisses. There was a study done that said on average a SAHM was worth over 100k per year now only if we could actually see that money for real.

A mature woman has to be open to hearing the other side the mans side and what he has to deal with as well. So your husband has to work to provide for the family and if we are being real we know that is not an easy task. A man has to deal with a huge amount of stress on a daily basis that we would never understand why because we aren’t men and let’s face it the way the world is they have made it a lot easier for women in the work force than for men today. If you are married to man of color you should know that alone comes with its own set of issues unfortunately. So even though he gets his vacation time and sick days where is he going?

Both people have to have empathy and appreciation for what the other person does that’s where it starts and begins. Women want their husbands to know how difficult it is to not be able to leave her job and the fact that it never ends as well as how hopeless she can get when she feels like she has no other purpose in life. Men want us to understand the demand and pressure that’s on him to provide for his family and he really wants us to understand how hard and draining it is to shift gears from work to home and still be fully present. We both want to feel appreciated by the other us woman want to know our husbands values us for who we are and what we do and men want to feel appreciated as well we have to start showing them that we value them as well and all that they do for us. Neither one would be able to do what they do without the other person it really is a team effort. I’m beyond thankful I have a husband who comes in and helps me with the children we have worked things out in our home to where we both get the rest and time to ourselves that we need.

Let me know what you think below. Does your husband help you?

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