Teach your Baby

So your baby has arrived and I’m sure you can’t wait to explore what motherhood is all about. The first few days is all about adapting to the new baby in the home and once that is all settled you will eventually start trying to figure out ways to keep baby engaged and hitting those growth and developmental marks. So I will give you a few tips you can do with you LO that will surely enhance your babies fine motor and logical thinking skills.

From birth to five months your LO will begin to smile, they will start tracking people and objects, they love bright colors, they will be reaching, lifting their heads and turning towards sound. So something I would do with my LO is having active communication with them babies love happy talk. Rattles they love these and the sound improves your baby’s auditory senses. Finger puppets are an awesome way of stimulating your baby’s vision and eye coordination. One thing I am a big advocate on is reading its never to early to start reading and instilling a joy of reading to your baby will push them so further along. So reading nursery rhymes to a child will help with language skills its also a great way to bond with your baby. Here’s one that I love. Tummy time is very important in your baby’s development as well and can help aid in just about every sensory skill at this age and this tummy time mat here can do that for your LO.

Six to nine months is when your LO can transfer one toy from hand to the other, pick up objects with thumb and finger grasp, start imitating sounds and faces, crawl, laugh and few other things as well. You can play copy actives with your LO like clapping your hands. This is a good time to indulge your baby in object permanence which you can buy here. They love ball drops anything to do with dropping a ball works on palmer grasp, and hand eye coordination. You wan to observe what baby is into and get some things they can play with.

Nine to twelve months at this age your LO can identify themselves, body parts, explore, find hidden objects, sit alone and more. Babies love enclosures taking a box big enough for him or her to get in and out will increases their spatial relations and gross motor skills. This is also a time where your LO will love climbing on things so its important to find safe and easy things they can climb on. Also around this time your baby will start to bond with their toys so try getting soft toys that they can play with.

My best tip is to always follow the interest of the child, whenever a child is interested in something there’s a high learning potential that is present. You want to create a bond between parent and child and a love for learning and exploring.

Let me know what you think.

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