So how many times have you asked God to give you a sign? Maybe you're starting a new job, new relationship, or maybe buying a house and you want God to tell you that he is pleased with what your doing. A lot of times we want the God of Moses to appear through a burning bush lol to give us that sign we desperately want. We all want to know that he is pleased with what we're doing. If you know how God works you would know that he works in subtleties. For instance I was speaking with a peer of mine and before I could even introduce myself she goes I just have to tell you this and I knew right then that what she was saying was from God he knew how how I was feeling and that message from him was just to say you got this I put you in this position for a reason and you just keep going because I'm orchestrating this. Thats how he works he sends messages through people to give to us but you have to have a good sense of judgment and when I say judgment I mean discernment to decipher what is from God and what isn't because the enemy can plant something in someone to give to you as well so you must be open to receive Gods message. So I say all that to say if your a person waiting on the burning bush or even a pastor to come tell you something that God said you are going to miss your mark your going to miss your blessing. So have your mind and heart open to hear Gods word. I hope this has encouraged, uplifted, and inspired you. Peace and Blessings.

So this post is going to be apart of my Wednesday Motivation I will be uploading a post and video twice a month on Wednesday to encourage you to get through the rest of the week or whatever you may be going through. Let me know what you think.



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